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Welcome to our new streamlined web page. Our wargames are listed below.

All wargames are listed on a single page, categorized by publisher or company.

To order, email  sales@agrsales.com  or use the contact form at the bottom of this page, with your selection. Please include your PayPal email address and your mailing address and we will send you a PayPal invoice. Payment is expected within 24 hours upon receipt of invoice to avoid cancellation. If using the contact form and you have not been contacted, please send us an email.


Sold by A Gray Rooster Sales LLC
Email: sales@agrsales.com

Due to the high cost of International Shipping, we are now only shipping to the USA.

The information below applies to USA orders ONLY!!!.

Ohio residents pay 7.25% sales tax on order total (order + shipping).

These are our new shipping rates: (USA ONLY)

$8 – Thin zip loc games, magazines, journals, action packs etc. Each additional item per order is $3.

$12 – 1″ to 3″ thick games, thick ziploc games. Each additional item per order is $3.

$14 – 4″ to 6″ thick games. Each additional item per order is $4.

**Oversized games larger than 12″ long or wide. Shipping will be based on the buyers actual zip code. If you need a shipping quote, please ask. Each additional item per order is $4.**

Combination orders; the highest shipping rate will be applied first and other items will be charged the add on rate.

All items are bubble wrapped, stretched wrapped, shipped with protective water proof sleeves.

Tracking numbers provided.

We’ll cancel the sale after that.

We only accept payment through PayPal. (You can use your credit card etc through PayPal)

Ships same day as funds clear PayPal before 2:30 PM EST. Orders after 11:00 AM EST on Saturday or any Sunday go out the following Monday, barring National Holidays. All orders will have tracking numbers provided.

Returns permitted up to 7 days after sale. Buyer pays return postage + 20% restocking fee. Item must be returned in “new” condition.
Counters unpunched, no rips, tears, stains or missing components. Box in new condition. Original shrink wrap intact.

If the wrong item is sent to you, we pay return shipping and will issue correct product.

Not held responsible for items damaged during shipping. If you want insurance on your order, it must be made known to us before order ships.




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***Chessex Accessories***

Chessex Game Counter Trays $3 each.

$4 + .10 for each additional tray.

*** Clash Of Arms Games ***

1807: The Eagles Turn East. NIZ. $38
Achtung Spitfire! NIZ $26
Amateurs to Arms: The War Of 1812. NISW $68
BAR_Lobositz NIZ $35
Bar_Mollwitz & Chotusitz: Battles of the First Silesian War. NISW $49
BAR_The Battle of Monmouth. NIZ $49
Borodino ’41 WWII Eastern Front. NISW. $29
Epic of the Peloponnesian War. NISW. $58
Infernal Machines WWI Landships Expansion. NISW $26
Jena! NIZ $34
La Bataille de Dresde, 1813 – Volume No. XIII. NISW $87
La Bataille de Ligny 2nd Edition. NISW $82
La Bataille de Lutzen. NISW $58
Landships! Tactical Weapons Innovations 1914-1918. NIZ. $32.
Operation Spark: The Relief of Leningrad, 1943. NISW. $35
Prague: The Empty Triumph. NIZ $57
Regulations of the Year XXII La Bataille Fourth Edition Rule Set. NIB $12
The Six Days of Glory. NISW. $29
The Army of the Heartland. NISW. $45
The Campaigns Of King David. NISW $39
The Fires of Midway. NISW. $48
The Speed of Heat! Air combat over Korea and Vietnam. NISW. $45
Top Cover Whistling Death: Spitfires Over Darwin Expansion. NISW $27
Triumph of Chaos: The Russian Civil War 1918-1921 v2 Deluxe. NISW $75
Wallace’s War: Stirling Bridge & Falkirk. NISW. $34
War Without Mercy: The War In The East 1939-1944. NISW. $47
Whistling Death: Fighting Wings, Pacific WWII.NIZ $52

*** Compass Games ***

1866:The Struggle For Supremacy In Germany. NISW. $49
Absolute Victory: World Conflict 1939-1945. NISW. $110
A las Barricadas! NISW. $52
Battle Hymn Vol. 1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge NISW. $52
Bitter Woods: The Battle Of The Bulge Designer Edition. $59
Blood on the Ohio. NISW. $43
Brezhnev’s War NATO vs. the Warsaw Pact in Germany, 1980. NISW. $49
Crusade and Revolution: The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. NISW. $76
Eagles Of The Empire: Spanish Eagles. NISW. $47
Empires And Alliances. NISW. $60
Europe in Turmoil: Prelude to The Great War. NISW. $49
Forgotten Legions: Designer Signature Edition. NISW. $49
Fortress Europa, Designer Signature Edition. NISW. $53
Guam -Return to Glory. NISW $80
Hearts and Minds 3rd Edition 1965 -1975. NISW $43
Korea: Fire and Ice. NISW. $52
Lebensraum: The War For Europe 1941-45. NISW. $60
Lion of Judah: The War for Ethiopia, 1935-1941 $47
Montelimar: Anvil of Fate. NISW. $82
No Peace Without Spain 2nd Edition. NISW $46
Nightfighter Ace: Air Defense Over Germany 1943-44. NISW. $60
Pacific Tide: The United States Versus Japan 1941-45. NISW. $38
Prelude to Rebellion: Mobilization & Unrest in Lower Canada. NISW.
Raiders Of The Deep: U-boats Of The Great War. NISW. $60
Red Poppies Campaigns: The Battles for Ypres. NISW. $61
Red Poppies Campaigns: Vol 2 Last Laurels at Limanowa. NISW $41
Red Star/White Eagle: The Russo-Polish War 1920 Designer Edition. NISW. $49
Revolution Road. NISW. $43
Russia Besieged: Deluxe Edition. NISW. $60
Saipan: The Bloody Rock. NISW. $74
Sovereign of the Seas: Strategic Naval Warfare In The Age Of Sail. NISW $66
Stalin’s World War III. NISW $54
The Late Unpleasantness: Two Civil War Campaigns To Take Richmond. NISW. $54
The War for the Union: Designer’s Edition. NISW. $58
Tinian: The Forgotten Battle. NISW. $60
Triumph Of The Will. NISW. $40
Vietnam: Rumor of War. NISW. $55

*** Flying Pig Games ***

’65: Squad-Level Combat in the Jungles of Vietnam. NISW $53
’65: Card Expansion. NISW $10
’65: United States Marine Corps And ANZAC Expansion. NIZ $34
’65: Solitaire Expansion. NIZ $30
Armageddon War: Base Game NISW $65
Armageddon War: Alone in the Desert Solitaire Expansion NISW $33
Armageddon War: Strategy Guide NIZ $20
Old School Tactical: Vol I East Front 1941-42 NISW. $59
Old School Tactical: Vol II West Front 1944-45 NISW. $59
Old School Tactical: Vol II Neoprene Play Mats NIZ. $24
Old School Tactical: Vol II Pocket Battles NIZ. $33
Old School Tactical: Vol II Ghost Front Expansion NISW. $33
Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk NISW. $65
Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk. Tracks in the Mud Expansion. NISW $33
Platoon Commander Deluxe: Kursk Strategy Guide NIZ $21

*** Legion Wargames ***

B-29 Superfortress -2nd Ed. NISW. $35
Battle of Ball’s Bluff (ziploc). $19
Blenheim, 1704. NISW. $35
Demyansk Shield: the Frozen Fortress. NISW. $38
Hell Over Korea B-29 Expansion. NISW. $27
Ici cest la France: The Algerian War of Independence 1954-1962 2nd Ed 2019 Reprint. NISW. $37
Maori Wars: The New Zealand Land Wars 1845-1872 NISW. $43
Nemesis: Burma 1944. NISW. $39
Quatre Batailles en Espagne. NISW. $50
Redver’s Reverse: The Battle of Colenso,1899 NISW. $41
Saipan & Tinian – Island War Series Vol. I. NISW. $40
Target For Today. NISW. $47
The Battle of Rosebud Creek. NISW. $41
The Battle Of Tanga 1914. NISW. $44
The Great Game. NISW. $39 Shipping Class 2
Tonkin: The First Indochina War 1950-1954 2nd Ed 2019 Reprint. $37
Toulon, 1793. NISW. $42

*** Multiman Publishing MMP ***

Action Pack #6. NISW. $24
Action Pack #10. NISW. $15
Action Pack #11. NISW. $18
Action Pack #12. NISW. $12
Action Pack #13. NISW. $16
Armies Of Oblivion. 2018 Reprint NISW. $97
ASL Starter Kit #2 2018 Reprint. NISW. $21
ASL Starter Kit #3 2018 Reprint. NISW. $25
ASL Starter Kit #4. NISW. $44
Best Of Friends. NISW. $16
Beyond Valor 2018 Reprint NISW. $80
Forgotten War – Korean War. NISW. $85
Hatten In Flames. NISW. $41
Journal #11. NISW. $26
Journal #12. NISW. $18
Out Of The Attic 2nd Edition. NIB $20
Red Factories NISW. $106
Rivers To The Reich. NISW. $20
Yanks 2nd Edition. NISW. $85
Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 3. NISW. $11
Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 5. NISW. $11
Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 8. NISW. $11

Blood Reef Tarawa Gamers Guide. NIB $32

Turning The Tide. NISW. $40

A Most Dangerous Time. NISW $53
Angola. NISW. $59
Atlanta Is Ours. NISW. $92
Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine. NISW. $43
Beyond the Rhine. NISW. $74.
Brazen Chariots: Battles for Tobruk, 1941. NISW $55
Breakthrough: Cambrai. NISW. $34
Day Of Days: The Invasion Of Normandy. NISW. $68
Front Toward Enemy. NIS $47
Guadalajara. NISW $22
Heights Of Courage. NISW. $30
It Never Snows. NISW. $50
Kawaguchi’s Gamble. NISW. $32
King Philip’s War 1675-1676. NISW $38
Korea: The Forgotten War (2nd edition) Reprint. NISW $59
Lincoln’s War. NISW. $63
No Question of Surrender. NISW $55
Operation Mercury. NISW $111
Panzer Battles. NISW. $29
Roads to Gettysburg II: Lee Strikes North. NISW. $113
Rock of the Marne. NISW. $30
Salerno. NISW. $35
Smolensk: Barbarossa Derailed. $47 NISW
Special Ops Issue #1. NISW. $21
Special Ops Issue #2 . NISW. $21
Special Ops Issue #8. NISW. $26
Special Ops Issue #9. NISW. $26
Storm Over Dien Bien Phu. NISW. $33
Storm Over Stalingrad. NISW. $38
The Blitzkrieg Legend: France 1940. NISW. $110
The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold. NISW $169
The Mighty Endeavor Updated Edition. NISW. $41
The Tide at Sunrise: The Russo-Japanese War. NISW $35
To Take Washington. NISW $55
Tunisia II. NISW. $35
War Of The Suns. NISW. $119
Warriors Of God. NISW $41
Warriors of Japan: A Country Aflame 1935-1939. NISW $38

***Revolution Wargames***

Across The Narva: The Soviet Assault on Estonia, February 1944. $34 NIZ
Battles of the Bulge: Celles. $24 NIZ
Gazala: The Cauldron. $26 NIZ
Invasion 1066: Stamford Bridge. $23 NIZ
Last Battle: Ie Shima 1945. $26 NIZ
Operation Battleaxe: Wavell vs. Rommel, 1941. $24 NIZ
Pacific Fury: Guadalcanal, 1942. $24 NIZ
Patton’s Vanguard: The Battle of Arracourt, 1944. $28 NIZ
Red Typhoon: The Soviet Winter Counter-Offensive, 1942. $30 NIZ
Stonewall’s Sword: The Battle of Cedar Mountain. $30 NIZ
The Road to Cheren: 1941 East African Campaign. $23 NIZ
The Siege of Orgun, Afghanistan 1983. $30 NIZ
Thunder in the Ozarks: The Battle of Pea Ridge, 1862. $32 NIZ
Washington’s Crossing: The Winter Campaign, 1776-1777. $35 New In Box

***Tiny Battle Publishing***

Blood Before Richmond: Beaver Dam Creek NIZ $22
Blood Before Richmond: Malvern Hill NIZ $22
Chile ’73 NIZ $22
Cruel Morning: Shiloh 1862 NIZ $22
In the Trenches Devil Dogs II NIZ $25
Race to the Sea 1914 NIZ $22
Rifles in the Ardennes NIZ $28
Rifles In The Pacific NIZ $33
Tango Down: Man To Man Urban Combat NIZ $29
The Battle For Ramadi NIZ $23

****** PRE-OWNED WARGAMES ******

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